Why Hi-Res 1080p for vehicle CCTV?

This will ensure that, should there be an incident the high quality captured video will capture details that may be too undefined in more common lower-spec equipment to enable a successful investigation or conviction.

This, in turn, will force your drivers to drive sensibly meaning it is highly unlikely they will be the cause of an incident. Wiping out litigation costs and forcing insurance premiums down.

With the inclusion of capturing vehicle data (telemetry) such as GPS position (tracking), breaks or indicator activated, speed and driver behaviour a comprehensive accurate story is told covering the build-up and the incident. Leaving no doubt as to what the cause of the incident is.

Don’t become a victim of crash for cash!

The 6ST Sparrowhawk vehicle CCTV system has a small LED display that shows the system status in the cab area, you can see at a glance that all is working fine.

Sparrowhawk Vehicle CCTV

Below image showing 360-degree vehicle coverage at 1080p – Click image to view Hi-Res version