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6ST Little Owl Vehicle Monitoring Aids

Our flexible, high-quality Little Owl range is robust and effective – and consistently wins the value for money vote from our customers.

It can be deployed inside and outside of vehicles and dramatically improves manoeuvring, by giving drivers a view of blind and hard to see areas.

Proven to be a valuable asset when reversing, or connecting and moving trailers, our Little Owl suite significantly reduces easy to avoid, but often costly, accidents and scrapes, which can impact on your No Claims status.

As well as being an extremely helpful extra pair of eyes around the outside of vehicles, it can also be installed inside your fleet as an extra layer of monitoring (these are situated out of the driver’s view so they will not be a distraction).

Deployed in a multitude of varied scenarios in transporting goods, people, and animals – including horses, dogs and farm animals – our Little Owl suite of vehicle aids has proven particularly effective with valuable and delicate cargo.

Just one of the many contracts it’s currently operating in – to huge success – is across a fleet of 450 vehicles for a commercial customer to monitor dogs in cages during transportation.

Little Owl also offers users a flexible choice of view, from single to quadruple images, which can be shown simultaneously, or switched between, as and when required, by specific driving manoeuvres.

An extremely cost-effective and reliable solution, it’s also easy to install – you can either DIY, with a little guided support, or we can quote to install for you.


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