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Video, Management & Security for vehicles

Here at 6ST we offer only the premier, industry-leading, intelligent, high-resolution, 1080p vehicle CCTV systems with a sixth sense – just like their namesake birds.

The who, the how and the where

Our state-of-the-art technology will ensure that should the worst happen, and an accident occurs, high-quality video will enable there to be no margin of error in identifying who was at fault – a key element which low-spec systems cannot guarantee.

Not only does this enable you to know immediately the who, the where and the why, but you can rest assured that should you need to pursue a case, our superior systems will enable you to pursue an investigation through to a successful conclusion or conviction.

Van Fleet

Valuable security features

A valuable and imperative security boost to your fleet, our systems can be tailored to your bespoke needs, and boast features including:
• GPS – so you can confirm the exact location of any incident
• Vehicle data capture, including driver behaviour – so you know the who and why of what happened
• Remote notifications and live streaming – so you can clarify all of the above and check in yourself with remote access to vehicle cameras for immediate verification.

The Halo Effect

Our advanced systems also see what’s often referred to as the “halo effect” take place.

Because drivers know they’re being monitored so effectively and efficiently, it dramatically improves their behaviour – which delivers a host of positive outcomes for your business.

All the above helps you wipe out litigation costs for road incidents, unsubstantiated claims, as well as unreported damage, while forcing insurance premiums down at the same time.

And, where drivers are at fault, this can be proved swiftly, allowing you the opportunity to reward or penalise fleet motorists for their logged behaviour while representing your brand.


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