Intruder alarm with remote key-fob activation

Intruder alarm with remote key-fob activation

Giving more control over intruder detection to your premisses with perimeter beam sensors.

This system has been designed to protect a driveway entrance. The beams are always on and sending the beam-break signals to one of our Osprey CCTV camera systems. This ensures that all passings are time-stamped on the CCTV footage making searching really quick.

In addition, the wireless key-fob activates the receiver, this has an LED status indicator and a buzzer attached to it.

When armed and an intruder trespasses on the property grounds the buzzer sounds the intruder alarm in the bedroom for several seconds. The intrusion can then be video verified on our CCTV system allowing the correct action can be taken to deter or catch the intruder.


6ST uses only the highest-quality products both in build and performance to ensure you receive long-lasting and trouble-free protection.

Our latest range of CCTV systems record 4-64 channels up to 4K hi-resolution (4 to 12 Mega-Pixel CCTV systems), resulting in amazingly clear, high-quality video.

With the addition of AI (Artificial Intelligence) allowing for Facial Recognition, Loitering Detection, Crowd gathering detection, Line and Area trip-wire and Direction counting.

Osprey AI CCTV Systems


As with all 6ST security systems, we use the latest technology available on the market when it comes to our wireless security alarm systems.

Our PowerG offer redefines wireless security because it boasts what is, as yet, an unseen combination of range, performance, quality, efficiency and advanced features.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Manned ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) / Monitoring Center available for less than a packet of polo mints a day.