Leading In-Vehicle Video CCTV System

Sparrowhawk Vehicle Video System: Lower cost and same high-value!

Reduced prices on our leading In-Vehicle High-Resolution 1080p vehicle CCTV systems with GPS, vehicle data capture, driver behaviour, remote notifications and live streaming for verification and advanced fleet management.

This will ensure that, should there be an incident the high quality captured video will show details that may be too undefined in more common lower-spec equipment to enable a successful investigation or conviction.

This, in turn, will force drivers to drive more sensibly, meaning it is highly unlikely they will be the cause. Wiping out litigation costs for road incidents, unsubstantiated claims and unreported damage while forcing insurance premiums down.

The information gathered is also of benefit as an aid to fleet management along with the ability to reward or penalise drivers as driver behaviour is logged.

Remote alerts can be received and verified with remote access to the vehicle cameras.

4 CAMERA VAN CCTV SYSTEM WITH REVERSING AID – our most popular, Sparrowhawk, the Right Choice

For: Haulage, Commercial fleet vehicles and BlueLight – up to 12 channels & 8TB available

See here for 2 & 6 camera options and here for the full range

Leading In-Vehicle Hi-Resolution Vehicle CCTV

Camera Key:
External (assumed coverage) the lens can be adjusted.

1 SP-031
2 SP-028 (alternatively, SP-032 can be used on the rear door)
3 – 4 SP-032


Including a monitor (rear or near-side trigger) and LED in-cab system status indication this is also supplemented with Sparrowhawk VMS (Video Management System)
Playback Software. No Licence Fee

Sparrowhawk Vehicle CCTV