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6ST Kestrel 1296p / 1080p Dashboard Camera (Dashcam)

Staying at the forefront of technology is something that we are passion about here at 6ST, so when we’re not working directly with customers we invest in research.

And, we wouldn’t recommend anything that we wouldn’t deploy ourselves. So, you can be confident that whatever solution we offer, it’s not only been rigorously tested, but is the best, most advanced, efficient and effective solution available on the market.

We have spent years researching and scrutinising dashcams and, up until our Kestrel offer, all those tested previously were missing a key element, or just weren’t worth the price tag.

We can say with confidence that our Kestrel dashcam is superior to current competitor offerings.

Boasting sharp images, that are clear whether recorded in day or night, it delivers true 1080p/1296p quality over a 170-degree field of horizontal vision (with the standard offer).

By capturing crisp, high-definition data, Kestrel will allow you to zoom in to look at distant objects, to help identify people, for example, as well as read vehicle number plates.

Please check out the actual Kestrel Dashcam footage here – many other solutions just don’t come close.

It’s flexible too – so if a second rear-facing camera was desired, this can be installed either internally or externally, looking back from a front windscreen, or through a rear window (to assist in situations such as reversing and near-side parking).

So, what are you waiting for? For just a small investment a dashcam will deliver a host of benefits. Get in touch to find out more.


With the Kestrel dashcam you get more features, for a lower price, including:
• With High resolution, 1080p/1296p recording and 170 degrees view this neat, compact dashcam offers features only associated with higher priced cameras.
• Comes with a 2-year warranty
• Still photographs can be taken or extracted from the video files
• Audio recording is a switchable option
• Takes minutes to install/swap into another vehicle. Plugs into 12V or USB power socket
• A second camera can be installed for use as a reversing or near-side monitoring aid or simply for watching kids in the back
• Provides 24/7/365 coverage whilst parked -While the camera goes into standby mode when the ignition is off, or unit is unplugged if it senses a significant impact a built-in the G Sensor triggers the Internal battery and restarts the recording
• Full HD 1296p Kestrel Dashcam footage – For example shows no logical reason why a car stopped halfway around a roundabout causing the accident
• To maximise its coverage – Kestrel Dashcam indicates its recording status
• Key events are “Bookmarked” in the memory to avoid over-recording

Dashcams record what you see when sitting behind the wheel of your vehicle. It will store the video recorded in its internal memory for you to use as and when you need it.

Far from just being a fashionable trend, they provide financial benefits, proving the who, where and when of an accident giving peace of mind for drivers.
6ST’s intelligent solution protects vehicles in park too.
Until vehicle manufacturers fit cameras into vehicles as standard practices in the UK they are not going away anytime soon.

As long as you gave the unit in operation effectively. If you want to delve more into the technical side……Kestrel is programmed to loop its recording and record over the earlier video ongoing. But important event footage will be stored – see next FAQ for more. Footage is recorded onto memory cards – so the larger capacity card(s) you have then the more data it can hold. Cards can be easily removed and replaced. Files can be downloaded onto your computer for playback.
Important events are stored separately on memory cards in an area that will NOT be automatically overwritten. Event files can be either created manually by pressing the button to start a record or, alternatively, by deploying its built-in G-Sensor which records a significant shock such as a collision. This information can also be downloaded to be kept and the memory card returned to the dashcam.
Speak to your insurer, solicitor or Police about what they need. You can easily show them the video by simply removing the unit from the car and playing the stored film back. If you haven’t already, you can then download the file(s). Browse the unit’s manual or call our technical helpline on 08438 497385 for more details on how to download and transfer files.
Yes, the UK Police have set up a website the National Dash Cam Safety Portal where you can upload files. Our Kestrel device is fully compatible with this.
While the unit is set up to work only when the ignition is on, it contains a G-Sensor which monitors for any impact or shock. If the vehicle receives a significant shock, such as being driven into when it is parked, the unit will turn on and start recording. The standard unit does not record all the time. If you have concerns about where you leave your vehicle then please talk to us as there are a number of ways, we can provide peace of mind.
Standard installation covers fixing the unit to the inside of your windscreen – behind the rear-view mirror – utilising the suction mounting bracket (supplied with the unit at no cost). The power lead can then be routed to a 12V socket (cigarette lighter). It’s possible to hide the wiring behind the roof lining and dash, if desired, and additional cables are available to support this. A professional install is also possible if required. Please contact us for approved contractor details.
Yes. Additional cameras, storage methods, larger monitor screen and much more is possible. We supply full 360-degree internal and external systems with data transfer as well as many other features, to the Blue Light market. Please contact us for any additional requirements. We will be happy to provide advice and quotes.
In some cases, you can get a discount and you should always check with your insurer to make sure you aren’t missing out. There is an increasing number of enlightened Insurers who will consider discounts – usually between 10% and 30% – when a dashcam is fitted to a vehicle. Some provide a minimum specification of a system (6ST systems will almost certainly comply), while others require specific approval for listing of suitable units. If we are not already on any list you need us to be, let us know and we will gladly provide all the necessary details to get onto any list we may have missed.
The standard unit has a 170-degree field of horizontal vision. The High Definition quality of the data captured means that zooming in to look at distant objects, identifying people, reading car number plates are all possible. Please check out the actual footage here, taken using the 6th Sense’s Kestrel 2019 Dashcam. Many others do not use the same high level of definition.

Improved driving technique: It’s proven that drivers perform better when they know what they are doing is being watched – often known as the Halo Effect. Even if you’re only watching yourself it still applies.

Supporting Young Drivers skill development: A Dashcam for a new young driver can also be beneficial – especially for parental peace of mind. A two-way camera shows what’s going on inside the vehicle so you can see: how your teenager is driving, if your teenager is paying attention to the road or instead are they on their mobile, texting, or being distracted by passengers? A Dashcam can help you to nip bad habits and behaviour in the bud before they lead to an accident or a prosecution.

Support for Insurance claims/capturing unusual events: The reasons, genuine or not, for insurance claims, have been the subject of hilarious discussions for many years. One reported incident I recall stated the reason for an accident was: “A Horse in a red Dress being chased by a Tin Man ran out in front of me!”
But, perhaps a dog running out into the path of your vehicle would explain why you swerved your car to avoid it and ended up parked in someone’s front garden……..Dashcam footage provides you with the evidence you need to prove strange events.

Take still photos: While phones have cameras to capture incidents, a Dashcam can also take stills to show the details of an event – registration plates, people involved, copies of Insurance documents or addresses, accident damage for example.

Reduce risk of Fraud: The Insurance Fraud Bureau estimates that 30,000 “crash for cash” incidents – like when a driver slams on their brakes to make the car following hit them – take place every year! Dashcams help counteract this type of scam.

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