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6ST Sparrowhawk 1080p Vehicle CCTV

The Sparrowhawk is a formidable CCTV vehicle system.

Performing at the highest level, this advanced, onboard system protects your vehicle around the clock.

It delivers a 360 degree wide field of view, with genuine 1080p high-resolution – at 25 frames per second – recording finite details that other competitors’ systems cannot, as well as boasting GPS as one of its myriad of features.

Developed using market-proven, in-house tested kit for optimal results, it delivers such a superior security system that it’s been classified as suitable for Blue Light vehicle use.

Just like the birds of prey who we name our products after, our systems are extremely effective and efficient with a proven track record of success.
Simple to use, our Sparrowhawk system will either eliminate, or dramatically reduce, litigation costs, decrease injury and related illnesses from assault and abuse, reduce insurance costs, and provide a 24 hour deterrent.

Sparrowhawk is the core of our standard, complete 1080p, vehicle CCTV offering, but we can bolt on a host of additional features to extend its capabilities further – for example we can even go as far as elevating it to a full Black Box-intelligent solution.

6ST works directly with the manufacturer, so there is no middle-man. This means that you not only get first-hand support, but it enables us to keep costs to a realistic price for such a high performing vehicle CCTV system.

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• 2 year warranty
• Is suitable for any form of transport – Emergency service, vans, coaches, buses, HGVs, LGVs, taxis and private vehicles,
• Features GPS for real-time location and fleet managers assistance
• Adding more flexibility, leasing is now available, saving tax costs, and freeing up cash-flow
• To complement the Sparrowhawk vehicle CCTV, our VSaaS (Video System as a Service) is a dedicated hosted remote live-view and tracking platform.
• Provides encrypted 1080p at up to 25 frames per second
• 360 degree (click to find out what is real 360-degree) video coverage around the vehicle
• Records high quality video that captures details that are often too undefined in common lower-spec equipment,
• Encrypted evidence that can be used in a court to enable a successful investigation or conviction
• Remote access with secure login and live streaming
• Improves driver behaviour – halo effect – so it’s unlikely they will be the cause of a road incident
• E-Mark and CE Compliance for installation in vehicles.
• Wipes out litigation costs
• Forces insurance premiums down
• A range of aggregated data plans are also available at very competitive prices.


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