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Too Many Choices?

A bewildering choice of systems is available! 6th Sense Technologies’ products are the highest quality, future-proofed, robust and thoroughly tested before being considered to be part of a 6ST system.

Let us own the pain

If you are considering a mobile or static security system…call for a free consultation, a brief chat could help define your requirements. If you have a clear vision, a quick chat could give clarity on finer points and allow 6ST to prepare an offer of how we can help.

6ST understands what its clients really need and prepare cost-effective and efficient solutions pooling from a vast array of direct suppliers and our knowledge of existing successful technologies to deliver systems which are fit for purpose and cost-effective.

In order to meet your requirements, we offer the following services.


One of our engineers will sit down to listen to you in order to understand what you require. Then conduct a full survey on the elements within the requirements and gain a complete overview of the infrastructure in place and any other factors that need to be considered.

Design / Plan

The 6ST team will design the technology that is most fitting to your requirements and budget to allow delivery of your optimal system.

A structured plan of how 6ST will implement and deliver your requirements will be specified for your approval.

Implement / Delivery

Once we are all agreed on the design and roll-out, 6ST will begin implementing the delivery of your system. Should periodic progress reports be required these will be documented and sent as required.

If at any time there are matters to be addressed 6ST will liaise with you to address the cause and appropriate steps to be taken.

Pilot / Bedding In

On occasion it may be necessary to run a pilot program, this is usually if we are developing technologies for you or identifying your network/Data usage to ensure the correct plan is determined – as also mentioned below within Connectivity.

One of 6ST’s policies is to ensure that all equipment is working 100% as required and expected, 6ST offer a “bedding-in” time where everything within scope is to be determined.

Hosted VSaaS Platform

6ST provide a dedicated managed server that is backed up daily.

This server allows remote connection to the vehicles MDVR over 3G / 4G network. Wi-Fi can be included to allow local connection once the vehicle is within range of the pre-determined hot-spot.

The connection allows almost real-time viewing of the connected cameras along with location and other captured data.

The software for remote and local viewing is very straight forward and intuitive to use.

Remote VSaaS / Connectivity

6ST’s network provider deploys a secure connection with a static IP, they provide network gateways into Polices Forces across the UK.

6ST supplies an aggregated pool of data across all of your vehicles. This means that if you chose the 500MB data plan with 30 vehicles you will have 15GB per month to use on all vehicles, should one vehicle use up 2GB in a month you still have 13GB for your other vehicles.

6ST will provide you with a platform that allows you to monitor and manage all of your connected devices and triggers can be set to warn against likely overuse.

We can run a pilot month to determine the typical data usage before a plan is set.


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