The Emergency Fleet Exhibition 2018

6th Sense Technologies are proud to announce that they are exhibiting at this years

The Emergency Fleet Exhibition 2018

The 45th NAPFM Conference

taking place on the 12th and 13th June


We welcome you to come and see the latest in Video Technology on Stand 3 (within the concourse area).

Designed to ensure full coverage all around or within a vehicle the 6th Sense systems record over 360 degrees in full 1080p High-Resolution with NO stitching or calibration. Native cast iron video evidence is obtained along with many elements of Telemetry/Data. 6th Sense systems are configurable to meet your requirements.

With the latest Video Recording systems 6th Sense ensures that your drivers will work with extra diligence. Collisions and incidents caused by your drivers and their “unreported damage” can be a thing of the past.

Complying with duty of care, you will be doing the best for the safety of your colleagues and other road users. Should an incident or accusation occur then you will have the evidence to instantly prove blame, saving potentially millions of pounds in litigation costs. The recordings can be remotely downloaded for use in a court of law and for insurance companies as indisputable evidence of the incident, reducing premiums year on year.

Remote alerts with video footage can be sent and the system allows remote live-view.6th Sense systems work off one platform that can enable static CCTV to be incorporated seamlessly. Video analytics including but not limited to ANPR and facial recognition can be run on the vehicle (Edge) and/or Server.

Intelligent back-up of footage to your server over your infrastructure all securely encrypted.A self-monitoring system gives invaluable data for the fleet manager to ensure the fleet is legally compliant and any lease warranty is kept fully intact.

6th Sense is pleased to announce under our “Summer of 2018 Road Safety Promotion” a 15% DISCOUNT on hardware between June and September 2018.

If you can’t make the show this year but would like more information about how we can future proof the security on your fleet and solve some of the problems you are facing with redundant and legacy, costly and outdated equipment please call us 0330 380 9696

Van Footage – 6th Sense 360 degree 1080p vehicle CCTV

Assumed coverage from our four ultra-wide CCTV lenses