The 6th Sense 1296p Dash Camera

High resolution 1296p and 170 degrees view this neat and compact dash-cam offers features associated with higher priced dash cameras. GPS is available, with video, location, speed and audio (audio can be turned off) – unarguable evidence should you be involved in a collision. It indicates if there is a problem with recording.

Takes moments to install/swap to another vehicle and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Recording from a second camera; internal, reversing or near-side also as a monitoring aid.

Internal battery allowing the camera to go into standby mode when the power is removed (ignition off or unplugged), if the G Sensor is triggered by an impact the impact will start dash cam recording.


Full HD 1296p

  • 1296p or 1080p High Resolution Dash Camera
  • 170 degree (wide angle)
  • Memory Card reading failed Warning
  • GPS available, showing location and speed at a particular moment in time
  • G Sensor – saves files. Will wake from standby to start recording if triggered
    Internal battery for standby mode
  • LDWS – (Lane Deviation Warning System) warns if drifting out of lane
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) warns if too close to a vehicle
  • Audio record – internally. Can be turned off.
  • 2nd Camera – Internal, Near-Side or Reversing – will switch monitor to view if used as near-side or reversing aid
  • 2 Years Warranty

Note; Dash Camera playback may not be at full 1296p resolution due to YouTube playback and will only be as good as your monitor!

Download the 1296p Dash Camera footage Gdrive here

Second camera used as side view, perfect for near-side view on a truck. We can also supply in-cab monitor giving greater view when reversing or turning left in a truck.

This is the best camera that 6th Sense have tested. 6th Sense have been searching and testing dash cameras for some time, but until this one all have bean missing some key element or have been too costly.

Main dash cam and internal camera easily self installed in about 3 minutes. Should you require installation of the second camera please call, we can install local individual dash cameras, for fleets of around 10 or more we can travel further. Please call with your requirements.

The images are sharp and clear in day or night, we have compared to many that claim 1296p. We confidently say it is better than most especially for the price and features it offers.

LDWS (Lane Deviation Warning System).

The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) works by visually warning if a vehicle is within 10 – 50m (if the camera view is on) and gives audible warning if a vehicle is within 10 – 5m (used with LDWS).

We supply dedicated Memory cards that have been tested with the dash-cam.

One GB will last about 15 minutes with maximum (1296p) resolution selected and Rear camera connected.

The rear (2nd) camera comes with either 30cm, 5.5m (standard) or 10m cable. Flexibility allowing it to be installed looking back from the front windscreen, out of the rear windscreen, inside a van or externally in the bumper. It has a narrow cable diameter so a small hole could be drilled through a light cluster saving damaging any panels or routed under the vehicle and fixed in the bumper.

  • 1296p Camera                         
  • 1296p Camera GPS                Will indicate speed within playback video
  • Rear Camera with 5.5m Cable, 30cm Cable or 10m Cable available
  • 16GB                                             *4 hours
  • 32GB                                             *8 hours
  • 64GB                                             *16 hours
  • 128GB                                          *32 hours
  • 256GB                                          *64 hours
  • 7” in cab Monitor                  For use with second camera, this can be on all the time. GPS model needed.

*Estimated recording times indicated above, due to varying light conditions of day and night along with events that may be stored on card.