6ST Sparrowhawk Commercial Vehicle CCTV

Coming soon a cost-effective and powerful, complete 360-degree Vehicle CCTV package that provides complete coverage and peace of mind…

6ST Sparrowhawk Commercial Vehicle CCTV

Dashcams are great tools but sometimes aren’t enough: –

  • Vandals won’t always attack in view of the front facing camera!
  • Thieves usually come in through side doors
  • Detailed records of incidents from all sides to get the full picture
  • Crash for Cash and Whiplash claims need best possible evidence
  • Blue Light Vehicles are increasingly attacked by the Public
  • Taxi Safety regulations are becoming mandatory shortly
  • Illegal Immigrants breaking into HGV’s create massive fines

Wouldn’t it be good to have a simple, cost effective, unobtrusive way of recording events all around your vehicles to protect you if any of these are a risk for you?

These issues are exactly what drove us at 6ST to select the best products available on the market and put together a modular system that provides you with a 360-degree view of what is happening around your vehicle and records it – The 6ST Sparrowhawk was born.

Our system uses market proven, in-house tested optimum kit selected for its reliability and simplicity. The products have been specified into Blue Light applications showing they perform at the highest level. The package will shortly be announced.
Give us a call or mail us and we will ensure you get the full details ASAP.

0330 380 9696 | info@6st.co.uk

– Contrary to popular belief, sparrowhawks do not control the numbers of their prey, but the numbers of prey control the number of sparrowhawks.

– In falconry the male spar has long been known as the musket. The name was later used for the small handgun used by soldiers (hence musketeers).